does your website give ?
    it doesn't matter what your offering,
    its how its presented.
  • Responsive Web Design.
    Ultimate Color as your business Desire.
  • Responsive Web Layout.
    Mobile Friendly Design.
  • Building
    Your Business
    CODEXCUBE IT ensures the most effective brand graphics
    and ideas for your company’s brand image across
    all channels. Our business started as a design and
    identity development company.


CODEXCUBE IT is a recognized name in the web design industry. For the past five years, we’ve been doing what we love: inventing, conceptualizing, designing, developing and deploying websites and applications that our customers love. The internet today contains over two billion web sites; with hundreds more appearing every day. We all know it’s easy to have a web site design, but attracting your target audience amid all the clutter is not. This is why at Vatranet we specialize in making web sites that really work!

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Our Services

E-Commerce Development

The Internet is the best place to sell stuff. Where else can you reach an unlimited audience while keeping underlying costs low by automating sales processes and cutting conventional shopkeeping costs?

Social Media Marketing

Build your online presence with the best digital marketing agency in World. We make a strategy for every business differently. To make yours, book a free strategy session today!

SEO and Internet Marketing

We understand that the market value of your product or service is only as good as its visibility. We pride ourselves on our web design skills, but we understand that the most important function of you.


Web Design

The world of web design is constantly changing. Last year’s breakthrough design ideas are old news today.

Web Development

We operates as a start-up when it comes to development. We work in small teams and everyone does what they enjoy the most.


ensures the most effective brand graphics and ideas for your company’s brand image across all channels.

Content Management

Your website is never “done”. Updating your site is essential, and requires the use of a Content Management System (CMS).


Twitter and Facebook are a company’s essential tools for engaging with potential or existing clients.

IT Consulting

Information technology should improve business results. CODEXCUBE IT make sure it does.

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